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Journal Article
Limsoon Wong, Guozhu Dong, Xiuzhen Zhang, Jinyan Li. CAEP: Classification by Aggregating Emerging Patterns. 1999 ;.
Limsoon Wong, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao, Jinyan Li, Guozhu Dong. DeEPs: A New Instance-based Discovery and Classification System. 2004 ;.
Leonid Libkin, Limsoon Wong, Guozhu Dong. Incremental Recomputation in Local Languages. 2003 ;.
Limsoon Wong, Leonid Libkin, Guozhu Dong. Local properties of query languages. 1997 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Limsoon Wong, Leonid Libkin. Local Properties of Query Languages. 2000 ;.
Leonid Libkin, Jianwen Su, Guozhu Dong, Limsoon Wong. Maintaining Transitive Closure of Graphs in SQL. 1999 ;.
Mengling Feng, Guozhu Dong, Jinyan Li, Yap-Peng Tan, Limsoon Wong. Pattern Space Maintenance for Data Updates and Interactive Mining. Computational Intelligence. 2010 ;26(3): 282-317.  (559.41 KB)
Michael Benedikt, Guozhu Dong, Leonid Libkin, Limsoon Wong. Relational Expressive Power of Constraint Query Languages. Journal of the ACM. 1996 ;:5-16.
Michael Benedikt, Leonid Libkin, Guozhu Dong, Limsoon Wong. Relational expressive power of constraint query languages. 1998 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Limsoon Wong. Some Relationships between FOIES and Sigma 1 1 Arity Hierarchies. 1997 ;.
Xiuzhen Zhang, Limsoon Wong, Guozhu Dong. Using CAEP to Predict Translation Initiation Sites from Genomic DNA Sequences. 1999 ;.