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Journal Article
Yixin Chen, Jian Pei, Jiawei Han, Y. Dora, Guozhu Dong, Benjamin Wah, Jianyong Wang. Cai: Stream Cube: An Architecture for Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Data Streams. 2004 ;.
Eric Bae, James Bailey, Guozhu Dong. A Clustering Comparison Measure Using Density Profiles and its Application to the Discovery of Alternate Clusterings. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. 2010 ;.  (895.73 KB)
Jinyan Li, Guozhu Dong, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao. Combining the strength of pattern frequency and distance for classification. 2001 ;.
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Wei Zou, Jiawei Han, Jian Pei, Guozhu Dong. On Computing Condensed Frequent Pattern Bases. 2002 ;.
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Guozhu Dong, Jianyong Wang, Ke Wang, Jiawei Han, Jian Pei. CubeExplorer. 2002 ;.
Guozhu Dong. Datalog expressiveness of chain queries: Grammar tools and characterisations. 1992 ;.
Guozhu Dong. On Datalog Linearisation of Chain Queries. 1991 ;.
James Bailey, Ramamohanarao Kotagiri, Guozhu Dong. Decidability and Undecidability Results for the Termination Problem of Active Database Rules. 1998 ;.
James Bailey, K. Rammamohanarao, Guozhu Dong. On the decidability of the termination problem of active database systems. 2004 ;.
Seymour Ginsburg, Guozhu Dong. On the decomposition of datalog program mappings. 1990 ;.
Seymour Ginsburg, Guozhu Dong. On decompositions of chain datalog programs into P (left)-linear 1-rule components. 1995 ;.
Limsoon Wong, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao, Jinyan Li, Guozhu Dong. DeEPs: A New Instance-based Discovery and Classification System. 2004 ;.
Jianwen Su, Guozhu Dong. Deterministic FOIES are Strictly Weaker. 1997 ;.
Xiuzhen Zhang, Jinyan Li, Guozhu Dong. Discovering Jumping Emerging Patterns and Experiments on Real Datasets. 1999 ;.
Xiuzhen Zhang, Pauline Lienhua Chou, Guozhu Dong. Efficient Computation of Iceberg Cubes by Bounding Aggregate Functions. 2007 ;.
Jian Pei, Jiawei Han, Ke Wang, Guozhu Dong. Efficient Computation of Iceberg Cubes with Complex Measure. 2001 ;.
Guozhu Dong, M. Mohania, X. Wang, James Bailey. Efficient Incremental View Maintenance in Distributed Databases by Tagging. 1998 ;.
Kaustubh Deshpe, Guozhu Dong. Efficient Mining of Niches and Set Routines. 2001 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Jianyong Wang, Benjamin Wah, Yixin Chen, Jiawei Han, Jian Pei. egression Cubes with Lossless Compression and Aggregation. 2006 ;.
Jinyan Li, Guozhu Dong. Emerging Patterns. 2009 ;.  (0 bytes)
Kotagiri Ramamohanarao, Jinyan Li, Guozhu Dong. Emerging Patterns and Classification. 2000 ;.
Jianwen Su, Guozhu Dong. First-order incremental evaluation of datalog queries. 1993 ;.
Guozhu Dong, C. Pang. First-order maintenance of transitive closure after node-set and edge-set deletions. 1997 ;.
Qing Li, Guozhu Dong. A framework for object migration in object-oriented databases. 1994 ;.
Gang Zhou, Bharat Kumar, Guozhu Dong, Richard Hull, Jianwen Su. A Framework for Optimising Distributed Workflow Executions. 1999 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Jianwen Su. Incremental and Decremental Evaluation of Transitive Closure by First-Order Queries. 1995 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Jianwen Su. Incremental Computation of Queries. 2009 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Rodney Topor. Incremental Evaluation of Datalog Queries. 1999 ;.
Rodney Topor, Guozhu Dong. Incremental evaluation of datalog queries. 1992 ;.
Guozhu Dong. Incremental Maintenance of Recursive Views: A Survey. 1999 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Jianwen Su. Incremental Maintenance of Recursive Views Using Relational Calculus/SQL. 2000 ;.
Leonid Libkin, Limsoon Wong, Guozhu Dong. Incremental Recomputation in Local Languages. 2003 ;.
Guozhu Dong. On the index of positive programmed formal languages. 1995 ;.
Jinyan Li, Guozhu Dong. Interestingness of Discovered Association Rules in terms of Neighborhood-Based Unexpectedness. 1998 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Limsoon Wong, Leonid Libkin. Local Properties of Query Languages. 2000 ;.
Limsoon Wong, Leonid Libkin, Guozhu Dong. Local properties of query languages. 1997 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Seymour Ginsburg. Localizable constraints for object histories. 1991 ;.
James Bailey, Guozhu Dong, Anthony Widjaja. Logical Queries over Views: Decidability and Expressiveness. ACM Transactions on Computational Logic. 2010 ;.  (375.04 KB)
Ramamohanarao Kotagiri, Guozhu Dong. Maintaining constrained transitive closure by conjunctive queries. 1997 ;.
Leonid Libkin, Jianwen Su, Guozhu Dong, Limsoon Wong. Maintaining Transitive Closure of Graphs in SQL. 1999 ;.
Kotagiri Ramamohanarao, Guozhu Dong, Jinyan Li. Making Use of the Most Expressive Jumping Emerging Patterns for Classification. 2001 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Jinyan Li, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao. Making Use of the Most Expressive Jumping Emerging Patterns for Classification. 2000 ;.
Changjie Tang, Lei Duan, Guozhu Dong. Mining Disease State Converters for Medical Intervention of Diseases. 2009 ;.  (0 bytes)
Lei Duan, Changjie Tang, Xiasong Li, Guozhu Dong, Xianming Wang, Jie Zuo, Min Jiang, Zhongqiao Li, Yongqing Zhang. Mining Effective Multi-Segment Sliding Window for Pathogen Incidence Rate Prediction. Data & Knowledge Engineering. 2013 ;87:425-444.  (2.67 MB)
Guozhu Dong, Xiaonan Ji, James Bailey. Mining Minimal Distinguishing Subsequence Patterns with Gap Constraints. 2007 ;.
Joyce Lam, Ke Wang, Jian Pei, Guozhu Dong, Jiawei Han. Mining Multi-Dimensional Constrained Gradients in Data Cubes. 2001 ;.
Guozhu Dong. On the monotonicity of (LDL) logic programs with sets. 1993 ;.
Guozhu Dong, Jianwen Su, Rodney Topor. Nonrecursive Incremental Evaluation of Datalog Queries. 1995 ;.