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L. Kuhn, Michael Raymer, P. Sanschagrin. Cluster Analysis of Multiple Serine Protease Structures Identifies Conserved Water Sites Involved in Structure and Specificity. In 1997.
P. Sanshagrin, W. Punch, E. Goodman, L. Kuhn, Michael Raymer. Discovering the Chemistry of Conserved First-Shell and Active-Site Hydration in Proteins Using Pattern Classification with a Genetic Algorithm. In 1997.
L. Kuhn, P. Sanschagrin, Michael Raymer, W. B. Erson, C. E. Barkham. Implications of Structural Comparison of Prostaglandin Synthase Isozymes and Ribonucleotide Reductase for Understanding their Specificity and Catalysis. In 1997.
P. Sanschagrin, L. Kuhn, Michael Raymer, E. Goodman, W. Punch, S. Venkataraman. Predicting Conserved Water-Mediated and Polar Ligand Interactions in Proteins Using a K-nearest-neighbors Genetic Algorithm. 1997 ;.
W. Punch, P. Sanschagrin, Michael Raymer, E. Goodman, L. Kuhn. Simultaneous Feature Extraction and Selection Using a Masking Genetic Algorithm. In 1997.
L. Kuhn, W. Punch, P. Sanschagrin, E. Goodman, Michael Raymer. Simultaneous Feature Scaling and Selection Using a Genetic Algorithm. In 1997.
P. Sanschagrin, L. Kuhn, Michael Raymer. Using Cluster Analysis to Identify Conserved Binding Sites in Proteins. In 1997.