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Conference Paper
Thomas Wischgoll. Topological Features in Vector Fields. In Dagstuhl Seminar 03231 Scientific Visualization. Dagstuhl, Germany: Schloss Dagstuhl; 2003.
Thomas Wischgoll. Three-dimensional Stereoscopic Exploration System for the Heart. In 2010.
Christopher Koehler, Thomas Wischgoll. Reconstruction of the Upper Torso Using X-Ray Imagery. In 2009.
Thomas Wischgoll. Quantitative Analysis of CT-scanned Images of Coronary Vasculature of Porcine Hearts. In 2006.
Thomas Wischgoll, Joerg Meyer, Elke Moritz. Quantitative Analysis of Blood Flow in a Cardiovascular System. In 2003.
Joerg Meyer, Elke Moritz, Thomas Wischgoll. Quantitative Analysis of Blood Flow in a Cardiovascular System. In 2003.
Thomas Wischgoll. Multi-field Visualization for Biomedical Data Sets. In 2011.
Thomas Wischgoll. Modeling and Simulation of Cardiovascular Systems. In 2007.
Thomas Wischgoll, Joerg Meyer. The Interior of a Pig's Heart: A Museum Exhibit. In 2005.
Sara Gharabaghi, Thomas Wischgoll, Rhonda Vickery, Ross Smith, Leslie Blaha, Thomas Lamkin, Steven Kawamoto, Robert Trevino, Eric Bardes, Scott Tabar. Interactive Visualization of GRT and BioHTS Data. In AFRL-AFIT Human-Machine Systems Colloquium. 2014.
Thomas Wischgoll, Joerg Meyer, Elke Moritz. Integrated Visualization and Analysis of a Pig's Cardiovascular System. In 2005.
Joerg Meyer, Elke Moritz, Thomas Wischgoll. Force-Feedback-Enhanced Navigation for Interactive Visualization of Coronary Vessels. In 2004.
Thomas Wischgoll, Joerg Meyer. Fly Through a Pig's Heart: An Educational Computer Game. In 2005.
Gerik Scheuermann, Alexander Wiebel, Christoph Garth, Mario Hlawitschka, Thomas Wischgoll. FAnToM - Lessons Learned from Design, Implementation, Administration, and Use of a Visualization System for Over 10 Years. In 2009.
Thomas Wischgoll, Joerg Meyer. An Explorational Exhibit of a Pig's Heart. In 2005.
Gerik Scheuermann, Wolfgang Kollmann, Xavier Tricoche, Thomas Wischgoll. Evolution of Topology in Axi-Symmetric and 3-D Viscous Flows. In 2002.
Matthew Marangoni, Thomas Wischgoll. Comparative visualization of protein conformations using large high resolution displays with gestures and body tracking. In Visualization and Data Analysis 2015. San Francisco, California: SPIE; 2015.
Chandrashekara Hassan Raju, Thomas Wischgoll. Analysis of large scale image data using out-of-core techniques. In 2006.
Christopher Koehler, Haibo Dong, Zachary Gaston, Hui Wan, Thomas Wischgoll. 3D Reconstruction and Visualization of a Hovering Dragonfly. In 2009.