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Keke Chen, Bharath Avusherla, Sarah Allison, Vincent Schmidt. SPIN: Cleaning, Monitoring, and Querying Image Streams Generated by Ground-Based Telescopes for Space Situational Awareness. 2017 ;. Citation Keke Chen, Bharath Avusherla, Sarah Allison ,Vincent Schmidt Data Intensive Analysis and Computing Lab Department of Computer Science and Engineering Wright State University, OH, USA E-mail: {keke.chen, avusherla.2, allison.24}
Citation Keke Chen, Bharath Avusherla, Sarah Allison ,Vincent Schmidt Data Intensive Analysis and Computing Lab Department of Computer Science and Engineering Wright State University, OH, USA E-mail: {keke.chen, avusherla.2, allison.24}
 (2.5 MB)
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