Dr. Amit Sheth
Amit P. Sheth
LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar
Executive Director, Kno.e.sis
Research Funding & Grants
Federal Funds

Federal Funds

  1. Software and hardware Infrastructure for Energy Efficient Large Scale Complex Language Modeling, $492,500, Sep 30, 2013-Sep 29, 2014. (PI: Shaojun Wang, co-PIs: Amit Sheth, Keke Chen, Junjie Zhang)
  2. Federated Semantic Services Platform for Open Materials Science and Engineering, Air Force Research Labs, $550,000, starting July 15 2013-July 14, 2016. (co-PIs: T.K. Prasad, Raghu Srinivasan)
  3. Towards Commercialization of Twitris- a system for collective intelligence, National Science Foundation, $50,000, July 1, 2013- June 30, 2014.
  4. Materials Database Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Air Force Research Labs, $190,000, starting June 2013. (co-PIs: T.K. Prasad, Raghu Srinivasan)
  5. SoCS: Collaborative Research: Social Media Enhanced Organizational Sensemaking in Emergency Response, National Science Foundation, $480,000, September 2011-August 2014. Supplement granted, $16,000.
  6. EAGER: Expressive Scalable Querying over Linked Open Data, National Science Foundation $125,828, September 2011-August 2013. Supplement granted: $16,000.
  7. A Study of Social Web Data on Oxycontin Abuse Using Semantic Web Technology, DHHS, National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) $401,500, April 2, 2011 - December 31, 2011
  8. Trusted Semantic Sensor Web to Support Decision making over Massive Amounts of Sensor and Social Data, Air Force Research Labs - Sensor Directorate (via Prime: Riverside Research), $81,539, June 2011 - December 2012.
  9. T040: LVC Sensors Integration for Data Fusion in Operations and Training, funded by the Air Force Research Lab through Ball Aerospace, $306,000, November 2010-October 2013.
  10. Trusted Semantic Sensor Network funded by the Air Force Research Lab, $176,890, February 2009-July 2010.
  11. Architectures for secure semantic sensor networks for multi-layered sensing, The Air Force Research Lab, OGC/DAGSI, $63,281, June 1, 2008-May 31, 2009.
  12. Education Partnership Agreement for joint work on "Distributed Systems for Psychological Modeling," 711th Human Performance Wing, Air Force Research Laboratory, $61,000.
  13. Undisclosed Sponsor, "Trusted Semantic Sensor Network - Phase I," $300,000, February 2009 - July 2011.
  14. Ontology and Semantic-Aided Human Cognition Knowledge Discovery funded by The Air Force Research Lab's Human Effectiveness Directorate, WPAFB, $300,000, April 2010-March 2011.
  15. Information Operations/Cyber Exploitation Research (ICER), Air Force Research Lab - Sensor Directorate (via Prime: Ralph Woolpert Company), $148,000, May - Dec 2010.
  16. Undisclosed Sponsor, "Trusted Semantic Sensor Web," $120,000, July 2008 - March 2009.
  17. Human Performance Ontology funded by The Air Force Research Lab's Human Effectiveness Directorate, WPAFB, $100,000, June 2008-March 2009.
  18. Semantics and Services Enabled Problem Solving Environment for Trypanosoma cruzi funded by National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, $1,509,540, May 2008-June 2012.
  19. Spatio-Temporal-Thematic Queries of Semantic Web Data - A Study of Expressivity and Efficiency, National Science Foundation, $146,952, August 2008-August 2010.
  20. AFRL/DAGSI Ohio Student-Faculty Research Fellowship (with matching funds from the State of Ohio), "Architectures for Secure Semantic Sensor Networks for Multi-Layered Sensing" (stipend plus fellowship for PhD student Cory Henson), $87,437, April 2008-March 2009.
  21. Sensor Data Management, Principal Investigator of subcontract (subcontract to daytaOhio in Sensor-Aided Vigilance (SAVig), funded by Air Force Research Laboratory), $32,000, April-August 2007.
  22. SemGrid: Semantic Discovery on Adaptive Services Grid, Principal Investigator (UGA Co-PIs: Arpinar, Kochut, Miller), National Science Foundation (IIS 0545243), October 15, 2005 - December 31, 2007, $100,000.
  23. An Ontological Approach to Financial Analysis & Monitoring, Principal Investigator, ARDA funded project (subcontract to CTA, Inc.), $325,000, April 2005-September 2006.
  24. Ontology, Metadata and Semantic Association Support for Semantic Agent Based Document Protection, Principal Investigator, ARDA funded project (subcontract to CTA, Inc.), $38,716, November 2004-Febraury 2005.
  25. SemDis: Discovering Complex Relationships in Semantic Web, Principal Investigator (of joint UGA-UMBC project; UGA Co-PIs: Arpinar, Kochut, Miller; UMBC Co-PIs: Joshi, Finin, Yesha), National Science Foundation (IIS-0325464 - ITR Medium Projects), October 1, 2003 - December 31, 2009, $800,000 - UGA component ($1,250,000 overall project with UMBC component). Supplement granted: $16,000.
  26. Bioinformatics of Glycan Expression, Investigator (Computer Science Coordinator; other CS investigators: K. Kochut, J. Miller), National Institute of Health, July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2008, $709,401 (Computer Science Component).
  27. System-Level Techniques for Energy Aware Computing. (Focus area: Enabling Personal Networked and Home Computing Applications with Metadata, PI: D. Lowenthal, Co-PIs: Bhandarkar, Sheth, Li, Waterson), $27,150, July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004.
  28. Semantic Association Identification and Knowledge Discovery for National Security Applications, Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation, CISE-ITR- 0219649 (Co-PIs: I.B. Arpinar, K. Kochut), July 1, 2002-June 30, 2005, $200,000. REU Supplement for 2004, $12,000.
  29. Database and Information Systems Research for Semantic Web and Enterprises, National Science Foundation (CISE-IIS-0211606), April 1, 2002 - March 31, 2003, $15,000. EU Thematic Network OntoWeb, $5,000. University of Georgia Foundation and CS Department, $6,250.
  30. Extending METEOR with workflow reuse, adaptation, and collaboration, Principal Investigator, awarded by Naval Research Laboratory and ITT, January 1, 2000 - September 30, 2000, $200,000.
  31. The Alexandria Digital Earth Modeling System [Semantic Interoperability and Collaboration], Principal Investigator of the UGA subcontract to UCSB, National Science Foundation - IIS-9817432 (Co-PI: K. Kochut), $600,000 in Federal, plus $25,000 in UGARF equipment matching, September 1999 - August 2004.
  32. Workflow Management for Advanced DoD Applications, Principal Investigator, awarded by Naval Research Lab/Department of Navy - N00173-98-2-L005 (Co-PI: K. Kochut, J. Miller), July 1, 1998 - December 31, 1999. $315,542 in Federal, plus $15,000 in UGARF equipment matching funds.
  33. METEOR: Healthcare Information Infrastructure Program-Enterprise Workflow Automation, Principal Investigator for University of Georgia, awarded by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)?ATP initiative on Information Infrastructure for Healthcare - 70ANB5H1011 (Co-PI: K. Kochut, J. Miller). Total project: $1,674,729+. $725,000 in Federal over 4.5 years (3/95-2/96: $116,364; 3/96-2/97: $173,365; 3/97-2/98: $188,348; 3/98-3/99: $166,221; 3/99-8/99: $80,701); additional more than $949,727 as matching funds (from University of Georgia and University of Georgia Research Foundation, Industry Donations --includes some of the funds listed under Industry Donations below).
  34. Collaborative Tele-Consulting for Healthcare (CaTCH), Principal investigator to South Carolina Research Authority awarded as a subcontract in HITECC funded by the NIST-ATP initiative (Co-PIs for first year: K. Kochut, J. Miller, Co-PIs for the second year: K. Kochut and K. Shah). Total Federal: $166,129. $112,480 for the first year, $47,149 for second year (partial) (additional second year and third year funds TBD). University of Georgia Research Foundation Matching in first year $12,500. June 1996 - May 1999.
  35. InfoHarness: A Scalable System for Searching Heterogeneous Information, Principal Investigator (of the overall project, joint project with Bellcore), awarded under the Massive Digital Data Systems initiative of the Community Management Staff, Contract # 95-FI38400-000; over $600,000; University of Georgia component $197,030 (year 1: $87,327; year 2: $109,703) plus University of Georgia Research Foundation equipment matching grant of $14,500. April 15, 1995-August 30, 1997.
  36. NSF Workshop on Workflow and Process Automation, Principal Investigator, awarded by the National Science Foundation (Award # IRI-9528870, Division of Information, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems, and the Division of Computer and Computational Research), $24,795, plus $6000 donation by the University of Georgia Research Foundation, September 1995-September 1996.
  37. NATO Award for Advanced Study Institute on Workflow Systems and Interoperability, Co-Director (jointly with A. Dogac, L. Kalinichenko, T. Ozsu), 2,400,000 BFr (US$76,000), Istanbul, Turkey, December 1996 - August 1997.
  38. PI of research grants/contracts of over $4 million from DARPA, Army Research Lab and other sources prior to joining UGA.
  39. PI of research grants/contracts of over four million dollars from DARPA, Army Research Labs and other sources before joining UGA. Also, raised over $5 million (including $2.4 million Series A for Taalee, Inc) for commercial activities from Venture Capital and other sources for non-academic activities.
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