Dr. Amit Sheth
Amit P. Sheth
LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar
Executive Director, Kno.e.sis
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  • Google Citation Profile [h-index of 85]
  • Top Authors in WWW[by Microsoft Academic Search]
  • Palsberg's partial list of CS authors with h-index > 40
  • Top Authors in Database [while he has notpublished much in mainstream DB conf. during last 15 years, his past work often ranks him top 25]
  • Top authors in in Computer Science by Microsoft Academic Search (all years: typically in top 100, 10-years: typically in top 50)
  • DBLP
  • Well cited publications in the workflow and services
  • Well cited publications in the semantics and information integration
  • Following is Historical data collected in 2007


    (Average citations/paper for that journal. Rank of paper in that journal)

    ACM Computing Surveys
    ACM Press. Avg. cites/paper: 62.63. Second most cited paper.
    • #2: (Citations: 2273) AP Sheth, JA Larson,"Federated database systems for managing distributed, heterogeneous, and autonomous databases," 1990.
    Distributed and Parallel Databases
    An International Journal, Springer. Avg. cites/paper: 18.17. The most cited, 3rd most cited, and 5th most cited papers.
    • #1: (Citations: 1323) D Georgakopoulos, M Hornick, A Sheth,"An overview of workflow management:...," 1995.
    • #3: (Citations: 571) E Mena, A Illarramendi, V Kashyap, AP Sheth,"OBSERVER: An Approach for Query Processing in Global Information Systems ...," 2000.
    • #5: (Citations: 218) N Krishnakumar, A Sheth,"Managing heterogeneous multi-system tasks to support enterprise-wide operations," 1995.
    Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
    Springer. Avg. cites/paper: 13.02. 6th and 15th most cited papers.
    • #6: (Citations: 278) J Cardoso, A Sheth,"Semantic E-Workflow Composition," 2003.
    • #15: (Citations: 131), JA Miller, D Palaniswami, AP Sheth, KJ Kochut. "WebWork: METEOR 2's Web-Based Workflow Management System," 1998.
    The VLDB Journal
    The International Journal on Very Large Data Bases, Springer. Avg. cites/paper: 29.06. 9th most cited paper.
    • #9: (Citations: 372) V Kashyap, A Sheth,"Semantic and schematic similarities between database objects: a context-based approach," 1996.
    Journal of Intelligent and Cooperative Information Systems
    World Scientific. 4th most cited paper.
    • #4: (Citations: 74) AP Sheth, SK Gala, SB Navathe, "On automatic reasoning for schema integration," 1993.
    Journal of Web Semantics
    Elsevier. 10th most cited paper.
    • #10: (Citations: 353) J Cardoso, A Sheth, J Miller, J Arnold, K Kochut, "Quality of service for workflows and web service processes," 2004.
    Journal of Information Technology and Management
    Springer. The most cited paper.
    • #2: (Citations: 307) K Verma, K Sivashanmugam, A Sheth, A Patil, S.Onudhkar. "METEOR-S WSDI: A Scalable P2P Infrastructure of Registries for Semantic Publication and Discovery...," 2005.
    IEEE Concurrency
    IEEE Press. 10th most cited paper.
    • #10: (Citations: 157) A. Sheth, W. Aalst, and I. Arpinar, "Processes Driving the Networked Economy," 1999.
    International Conference on Web Services
    IEEE Press. The most cited paper.
    • #1: (Citations: 307) K Sivashanmugam, K Verma, A Sheth, J Miller, "Adding Semantics to Web Services Standards," 2003.
    International Conference on Formal Ontologies in Information Systems
    IEEE Press. The most cited paper.
    • #1: (Citations: 119) E Mena, V Kashyap, A Illarramendi, A Sheth, "Domain Specific Ontologies for Semantic Information Brokering on the Global Information, Formal Ontology in Information Systems," 1998.
    * this includes synta`ctic variations, so actual number of papers in this statistic seems to be about 218 of 250 or so publications in areas considered (** e.g., publications in medical sciences are not included).
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