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Following is historical data collected in 2007 Journals: average citations/paper for that journal. Rank of paper in that journal.

ACM Computing Surveys
ACM Press. Avg. cites/paper: 62.63. Second most cited paper.
  • #2: (Citations: 2273) AP Sheth, JA Larson,"Federated database systems for managing distributed, heterogeneous, and autonomous databases," 1990.
Distributed and Parallel Databases
An International Journal, Springer. Avg. cites/paper: 18.17. The most cited, 3rd most cited, and 5th most cited papers.
  • #1: (Citations: 1323) D Georgakopoulos, M Hornick, A Sheth,"An overview of workflow management:...," 1995.
  • #3: (Citations: 571) E Mena, A Illarramendi, V Kashyap, AP Sheth,"OBSERVER: An Approach for Query Processing in Global Information Systems ...," 2000.
  • #5: (Citations: 218) N Krishnakumar, A Sheth,"Managing heterogeneous multi-system tasks to support enterprise-wide operations," 1995.
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
Springer. Avg. cites/paper: 13.02. 6th and 15th most cited papers.
  • #6: (Citations: 278) J Cardoso, A Sheth,"Semantic E-Workflow Composition," 2003.
  • #15: (Citations: 131), JA Miller, D Palaniswami, AP Sheth, KJ Kochut. "WebWork: METEOR 2's Web-Based Workflow Management System," 1998.
The VLDB Journal
The International Journal on Very Large Data Bases, Springer. Avg. cites/paper: 29.06. 9th most cited paper.
  • #9: (Citations: 372) V Kashyap, A Sheth,"Semantic and schematic similarities between database objects: a context-based approach," 1996.
Journal of Intelligent and Cooperative Information Systems
World Scientific. 4th most cited paper.
  • #4: (Citations: 74) AP Sheth, SK Gala, SB Navathe, "On automatic reasoning for schema integration," 1993.
Journal of Web Semantics
Elsevier. 10th most cited paper.
  • #10: (Citations: 353) J Cardoso, A Sheth, J Miller, J Arnold, K Kochut, "Quality of service for workflows and web service processes," 2004.
Journal of Information Technology and Management
Springer. The most cited paper.
  • #2: (Citations: 307) K Verma, K Sivashanmugam, A Sheth, A Patil, S.Onudhkar. "METEOR-S WSDI: A Scalable P2P Infrastructure of Registries for Semantic Publication and Discovery...," 2005.
IEEE Concurrency
IEEE Press. 10th most cited paper.
  • #10: (Citations: 157) A. Sheth, W. Aalst, and I. Arpinar, "Processes Driving the Networked Economy," 1999.
International Conference on Web Services
IEEE Press. The most cited paper.
  • #1: (Citations: 307) K Sivashanmugam, K Verma, A Sheth, J Miller, "Adding Semantics to Web Services Standards," 2003.
International Conference on Formal Ontologies in Information Systems
IEEE Press. The most cited paper.
  • #1: (Citations: 119) E Mena, V Kashyap, A Illarramendi, A Sheth, "Domain Specific Ontologies for Semantic Information Brokering on the Global Information, Formal Ontology in Information Systems," 1998.
* This includes syntactic variations, so the actual number of papers in this statistic is around 218 of 250 or so among the publications in the areas considered (excluded publications include those in the medical sciences).
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