Dr. Amit Sheth
Amit P. Sheth
LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar
Executive Director, Kno.e.sis
Research Areas

Research Areas

Knowledge-enabled Computing and Computing for Human Experience:
Creation, extraction and application of knowledge and knowledge-based techniques for cyber-physical and socio-technical systems, including improved perception and semantic techniques

Semantics-enabled services, sensor and social computing on the Web 3.0 (includes Semantic Sensor Web, mobile semantic services (analysis of tweets and social networking), Citizen Sensor Networking and its combination with multi-level sensing for situational awareness, collective intelligence, advertisement on social networking site, smart/semantic mashups, annotation of enterprise/WSDL and light-weight/RESTful/WebAPI services, cloud computing middleware--semantic approaches to leveraging multiple clouds)

Semantic Web and Semantic Applications (domain model enhanced NLP and statistical techniques for information extraction, mining social content such as Wikipedia, spatio-temporal-thematic analytics, knowledge discovery and intermediation, multi-ontology and complex relations, semantic search/directory/personalization/analytics, Relationship Web, etc.)

Key application domains: biomedicine and human effectiveness, health care informatics, defense and intelligence (including sensor), social computing

Information Integration; Pan-Web and Enterprise Information Interoperability (incl. Federated Information Systems, Multi-agent and information brokering architectures, ontology and metadata management)

Web and Business Processes (Work Coordination and Collaboration Systems, Dynamic Trading Processes in E-Commerce, Multi-organization Business Processes and Workflow Management, Web-based Asynchronous and Synchronous Collaboration)

Management of Rich Media Content and Information Sources; Digital Libraries

Significant collaborations and applications in Bioinformatics, GIS, Healthcare, Financial, and National Security domains.

Professor Amit P. Sheth
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