Paraconsistent Reasoning for OWL 2

TitleParaconsistent Reasoning for OWL 2
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsYue Ma, Pascal Hitzler
Conference NameThird International Conference, RR
Date Published10/2009
PublisherWeb Reasoning and Rule Systems, Third International Conference, RR 2009
Conference LocationChantilly, VA, USA

A four-valued description logic has been proposed to reason with description logic based inconsistent knowledge bases. This approach has a distinct advantage that it can be implemented by invoking classical reasoners to keep the same complexity as under the classical semantics. However, this approach has so far only been studied for the basid description logic ALC. In this paper, we further study how to extend the four-valued semantics to the more expressive description logic SROIQ which underlies the forthcoming revision of the Web Ontology Language, OWL 2, and also investigate how it fares when adapated to tractable description logics including EL++, DL-Lite, and Horn-DLs. We define the four-valued semantics along the same lines as for ALC and show that we can retain most of the desired properties.

Full Text

Yue Ma and Pascal Hitzler,'Paraconsistent Reasoning for OWL 2,' Third International Conference, RR, Chantilly, VA, October 2009, pp. 197-211.

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