Welcome to Prof. Amit Sheth

TitleWelcome to Prof. Amit Sheth
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsA. Elmagarmid, Amit Sheth
JournalSpringer Science+Business Media
KeywordsDistrib Parallel Databases, Elmagarmid, Sheth

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I announce the creation of a new co-EIC position for the DAPD Journal. We have recently published our 21st Volume without ever missing an issue or being late, the journal is now published by Springer and we have moved completely into electronic reviewing and publishing. As we move forward, I could not have found a better partner than my old friend and college class mate, Amit Sheth. Prof. Sheth has recently moved to the Wright State University as the LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar in Advanced Data Management and Analysis. There are several compelling reasons why Prof. Sheth was my only choice to help me lead the Journal going forward. He has been pioneer and a leader in the database, semantic web and workflow communities. He has consistently pursued discovery, learning and engagement more successfully than any one else I know. Of particular interest to our Journal, he co-authored 3 of the most cited papers in the journal with over 1600 combined citations: An overview of Workflow Management System, OBSERVER: An Approach for Query Processing in Global Information (3rd most cited with over 400 citations), and Managing heterogeneous multi-system tasks to support enterprise-wide operations (5th most cited with 198 citations). Please share with me a sincere thanks to Prof. Sheth for his willingness to work with me to take this journal to new heights. Ahmed Elmagarmid, Co-Editor in Chief, DAPD

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Elmagarmid, Ahmed & Sheth, Amit 'Welcome to Prof. Amit Sheth '. Distributed and Parallel Databases December, 2007: 105-106.
pages: 105-106
publisher: Springer Science+Business Media
year: 2007
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