Semantic Web service discovery in a multi-ontology environment

TitleSemantic Web service discovery in a multi-ontology environment
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2004
Thesis Typemasters
Keywordsmulti-ontology Web service discovery, Ontology, Semantic Web Services, semantic Web services discovery, WSDL

Web services have generated considerable interest in the area of application integration for achieving the enticing promise of 'interoperability'. Web service discovery is an important aspect of the Web service framework but its existing keyword based search implementation is seriously flawed. This is because the exchanged data is structurally and syntactically verified, but not 'understood'. Augmenting Web service descriptions with ontologies can provide this 'understanding'. Since ontologies and web services are developed independently the service request and advertisement can be annotated with multiple ontologies. Thus a more pragmatic service discovery algorithm is needed to address the challenging semantic heterogeneity issues in such a multi-ontology environment. This thesis provides an early effort in developing a Web service discovery algorithm for a multi-ontology environment. Preliminary evaluations show that the algorithm is able to find good matches and eliminate false matches by considering the context and the coverage information of the annotated concepts.