Meena Nagarajan                      

Research Internships

In addition to being a research assistant at the LSDIS Lab and at the Kno.e.sis Center, I have had the pleasure of working at some of the best industry and academic research labs in my area for my summer internships.

  • Summer 2009 - Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA, with Amir Padovitz

    Using a measure of 'extraction complexity' of an entity as a novel prior for improving entity recognition in user-generated content on Social Media. Coming Soon

  • Spring 2008 - School of Information, Univ. Of California, Berkeley, with Prof. Marti Hearst

    Studying self-expression in online dating profiles - what words men and women use to describe themselves Read More

  • Summer 2007 (continued collaboration) - IBM Research, Almaden, San Jose, CA, with Daniel Gruhl, Kevin Haas (now at Yahoo! Research), Jan Pieper, Christine Robson.

    Ranking popular music artists and tracks through the analysis of user-generated comments on online music communities. Read More

    Applications of Voting Theory to combine user preferences for music artists and tracks across multi-modal online sources. Read More

    Using context in user-generated content and the MusicBrainz RDF (domain knowledge) to enhance entity spotting precision in informal text. Read More

    More information on the project: BBC Sound Index
  • Summer 2006 - Hewlett Packard Research Lab, Palo Alto, CA - Systems and Storage Team, with Arif Merchant, Kimberly Keeton, and Marcos Aguilera

    Altering document term vectors for classification by using Ontologies as expectations of co-occurrence Read More

I also mentored an intern (Kamal Baid, IIT, Guwahati) visiting the Kno.e.sis Center in Summer 2008. We worked on identifying topically relevant keywords from often noisy and off-topic user-generated content on social media, toward the end goal of targeted online advertising. Read More