Research Assistant at Kno.e.sis Research Center Sep 2010 - Present

  • Exploiting the potentials of using domain knowledge for natural language understanding. This research is focused on extracting implicit information in the unstructured clinical notes.
  • Developing techniques to, asses the completeness of the coded domain knowledge, identify the missing knowledge in the knowledge bases and acquire missing knowledge efficiently.
  • Working on enhancing the the current predictive models developed for proactive patient care. The input data for the current predictive models is proven to be inaccurate and incomplete. The main goal of this research is to enhance the input data being used for the current predictive models by mining the unstructured patient records.

Research Intern IBM Watson (Summer 2014)

  • I worked with the IBM Watson Discovery Adviser Team. I investigated on finding complex, meaningful , and interesting relationships between biological entities.

Research Intern at ezDI (Summer 2012)

  • Worked on the problem of extracting meaningful information from the unstructured patient health records. This work built upon the cTAKES, a natural language processing engine to process clinical documents, and developed a semantic search engine for unstructured patient records by using semantic web technologies (RDF/RDFS/SPARQL).
  • Developed a comprehensive knowledge base covering the healthcare domain to improve the machine understanding of the patient records. This knowledge base is used as the back bone of the search engine to answer complex queries by using semantic reasoning.
  • The continuous collaboration with ezDI resulted in developing a computer assisted coding (CAC) product for 10th version of International Classification of Diseases (ICD 10). ezDI launched this product at annual convention of American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) 2013.

Software Engineer in AePONA Inc (Aug 2008 - Aug 2010)

  • Team member of the Verizon project which is involving in developing a common platform for service/content providers, end-users and merchants to buy and sell their products as value added services. Verizon is a leading telecommunication service provider in USA.

Professional Activities

Teaching Assistant

  • CS 4800/6800 Web Information Systems class 1 | class 2
  • CS 141 (Computer Programming)
  • CS 208 (Computer Programming for Business I)
  • CS 209 (Computer Programming for Business II)
  • CS 240 (Computer Programming)
  • CS 241 (Computer Programming)