I am a Ph.D student in Computer Science at the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis) Center at Wright State University (WSU) under the supervision of Prof. Amit Sheth. WSU has highly ranked graduate program in the World Wide Web area. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from University of Colombo School of Computing in 2008.

I am broadly interested in fusing background knowledge into the Text Mining and Natural Language Processing tasks. We as humans use our experience and knowledge to understand the statements expressed in natural language. For example, a doctor will infer that the patient has 'appendicitis' when he reads the sentence 'it is observed that the tip of the appendix is inflamed'. However, computers find it hard to interpret such sentences since it does not 'know' the meaning of appendicitis. Hence, my research focused on addressing this problem.

I had done an internship with ezDI in Summer 2012 where I worked on developing a comprehensive knowledgebase and leveraging it to understand the clinical narratives. This work is one of the distinguish feature of ezDI's successful product launches on computer assisted coding (CAC) and clinical document improvement (CDI).

Last Summer I interned with IBM Watson Discovery Advisor Team. I was involved in project aims to discover complex, meaningful but hidden relationships between the biological entities in the literature. This is an ongoing collaboration.

Prior being a graduate student I worked at Aepona Inc (acquired by Intel in 2013) which is a leading software company in Network as a Service(NaaS) market. I was a member of team developing a common platform for leading telecommunication service provider in USA to manage service/content providers, end-users and merchants to buy and sell their products as value added services.