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Pablo Mendes, BSc (2002)

I graduated on the last semester of 2002 in Computer Science from UFJF (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora), recently ranked third best university and top 10 Computer Science bachelor's programs in Brazil. The commencement for the Bachelor degree happened to be at March 15th, 2003 (five days after I started my master's at UFRJ). I had a great time at UFJF and I am very proud of being part of the class several professors considered the best Computer Science class they had ever worked with.

Undergraduate Thesis

Title: A Vision for an Automated Software Development Process Based on the Integration of UML, Component-Based Development and Ontologies (in Brazilian Portuguese)
Summary: In this work we revised UML as a conceptual modelling language for specifying both domain knowledge and application specific knowledge. State-of-art and trends in Component-Based Software Development were also presented, with focus on its interactions with UML modelling. Then we present ontologies as proposed for the Semantic Web, investigating how would they fullfill the gaps existing within UML and CBD for an automated software development process.
Advisor: Tarcísio de Souza Lima






Other Activities

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