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Pablo Mendes, MSc (2005)

I graduated Master in Computer Science from UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro) two days before getting in a plane to start my PhD at the University of Georgia. UFRJ is one of the biggest universities in Brazil and is located right by one of the new seven wonders. :)
I worked with the Dataware and BiowebDB groups, an awesome team of good friends and professionals. My advisors were Ligia Barros and Maria Luiza Machado Campos. At the Bioinformatics side, my advisor was Alberto Dávila from Fiocruz, the most prominent science and technology health institution in Latin America.


IT Systems Fundamentals3A
Object-Oriented Programming3A
Special Topics in Inf. Systems I (XML and Web Services)3A
Educational Research Methodology3B
Object-Oriented Modelling3A
Special Topics in Inf. Systems II (Semantic Web)3A


Knowledge organization, mode ling and representation

Semantic Web applied to Bioinformatics





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