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Prateek Jain is a PhD student in Computer Science at the Kno.e.sis Center at Wright State University (WSU). He previously joined LSDIS lab at Computer Science Department of the University of Georgia in Fall 2006 and moved to WSU in 2007. Prateek is primarily a researcher in the field of Spatio-Temporal-Thematic Analysis of Data and querying framework for Semantic Web data.

Prateek works at the Knoesis Center with Dr. Amit P. Sheth focusing primarily on research related to Semantic Web. He also actively collaborates with Dr.Sheth and Dr.Pascal Hitzler on various issues related to Linked Open Data cloud. More details about Prateek's research interests are available in the Research page.

Prateek interned at Accenture Technology Labs, San Jose, CA in the summer of 2008, working with Dr. Kunal Verma on Accenture Requirements Analysis Tool. This tool enhances the clarity and quality of the requirements documents by enforcing a combination of good practices for requirements.

Prateek is also an active member of W3C SPARQL Working Group and represents Kno.e.sis and Wright State University in the working group.

Before joining the PhD program, Prateek obtained a Bachelors degree in Information and Communication Technology from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) in 2006. As an undergraduate student, he worked under Dr.Sanjay Chaudhary on research issues related to Web services.

His detailed resume is here.